ted clayton

Ted Clayton's 35 years of experience as a highly successful interior designer inform his passion for men's custom tailoring with an emphasis on prestige and personal service.

As the society editor for Nashville Arts magazine, Ted's popular "On The Town" column is a Nashville institution.

    The CLayton Collection
The Clayton Collection-Fitting Process  

To achieve your unique look, Ted Clayton will personally work with you throughout the process of fabric and style selection. Once that is determined, very detailed measurements are made. The measurements are then sent to our own factory in middle Tennessee where patterns are cut and sent back to Ted for his personal approval.

The Clayton Collection

All of our suits arrive from the factory ready for final alterations overseen personally by Ted Clayton. At that point the suit is ready for you.

If you should order our hand cut, hand sewn suits, in addition to our standard measurement process, paper patterns are made and the proposed cuts are remeasured on those tangible patterns. The patterns are then sent back to the factory where the fabric is cut by hand.

  The Clayton Collection-The Fitting Process
THe Clayton Collection

The Clayton Collection-Shirts

There are many different patterns and cuts of shirts. In addition there are 15 different collars and cuff styles from which to choose. For shirts, in addition to the standard measuring process, a "fit" shirt will be created as a guarantee to the gentleman that the shirt fits the way he wants it to fit.